Winery „Mura Mare“ („Big blackberry“) is located in the village of Miloševo on 3km, north of Negotin. It was founded in 2018. As part of our winery we have our own plantation blackberry, which spreads on the surface of 3.5 ha.

The varieties off blackberies that we grow on our plantations and from which we obtain high quality Blackberry wine are:

Black Satin,

Hull Thornless,

„Čačanska bestrna” blackberry,

Loch Ness.

The fruits of blackberries we pick manually at full maturity stage when blackberry gives the most significant ingredients and when it has the most active ingredients for producing. 

The wine we produce consists of 100% of blackberries, without the addition off water, color, aroma or anything similar that does not make the wine natural. Percentage of alcohol in blackberry wine is 15%.

The winery „Mura Mare“ is open for cooperation with all potential buyers starting from retailer to wholesaler.

As far as wine production we have retained a traditional way of production that continues to these days.

We are available for all wine lovers who announce themselves or come personally in our winery to try the product onsite.